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Dragon Boat Rashguard
  Dragon Boat UV Protect Rashguard Nylon Spandex Clothing Fabrics

Dragon Boat UV protect nylon spandex fabric is comfortable and chlorine-proof, with total protection against UV rays (UPF50+ is the maximum value obtainable blocking >97.5% of the sun uva and uvb radiation).

Dragon Boat UV protect Fabric that is always smooth and pleasant on the skin. Tests demonstrates that it resist to abrasions and piling with the highest rating value of 5.
Fabric with stretch properties on both directions.
Fabric content nylon 82% spandex 18% and the weight 200/ gm2.

Thanks to its unique composition, the Dragon Boat fabric guarantees optimal breathability and is fast-drying, elastic and durable with a perfect fit. It is ideal for water sports in general, even the most extreme ones like Dragon boat, surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, etc. and all type of outdoor and indoor activities. It was created originally for the world of competitive water sports since it can satisfy the most demanding expectations.

Fabric Swatches :
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Color swatch is for reference only and may appears differently from actual color. Please come to visit our showroom to check out the actual fabric color.
UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor

Dragon Boat UV protect Rashguard UPF to help the consumer better determine the unique protection a garment has, a UPF rating system has been developed. The UPF rating system was first developed by the Australian Government to inform and protect their citizens from the sun's very harmful rays in the Land-Down-Under. Shoppers should only consider buying a UV garment that as a UPF rating (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and moreover, from a reputable company and/or manufacturer that promotes the UPF rating system.
UPF System to ensure our thousands of loyal customers that they are only getting the very best protection from their UV sun protective apparel item.