Dragon Boat Sulimation Print Shirts

Dragon Boat Digital print / Sublimation printing Shirts

Dragon Boat Digital print / Sublimation Printing features a unique blend of polyester to provide great comfort in addition to a superior printing surface, which has been specially developed for personalization using high performance sublimation transfer techniques.

When a Digital print / sublimation print is heat applied to the Dragon Boat uniform, it is transfer dyed INTO the garment to produce a PERMANENT and PHOTO QUALITY image or logo.

This method offers durable, high performance results wash after wash, the transfer can be stretched, yet will not fade or crack.
This is the most cost effective method of producing small quantity of garments WITHOUT screens or set-up costs.

Besides, you can provide artwork in other formats such as jpeg, tiff or psd. Please ensure the logo resolution to be 300dpi or above.


Dragon Boat Screen Printing Shirts

Dragon Boat is the most common way to display a logo on the Dragon Boat uniform. The printing color is sharp and bright and the cost is relatively low comparing with other printing methods. Therefore screen printing is suitable for event and activity wear and premiums.

Notes of using silk screen printing:
Print materials will pass through a screen print film and then print the desired logo on the Dragon Boat uniform panels. As the print material is some kind of paint which is in semi-liquid form and squeezed through the print film, the logo could be a bit diffused around the edges. If the logo design is too small and detailed, these detail locations may become blurring due to the diffusion effect. General suggestions are Dragon Boat uniform that English letters and Chinese characters should be at least with height 5mm and 8 mm respectively.

Silk Screen Print exhibits the logo in SOLID COLOR form. Therefore, it is hard to apply screen print for logos which have gradient and shadow effect (e.g. like photo quality). If customers would like to achieve multi-color logo with photo-quality effect, Digital printing should be applied.

Dragon Boat uniform Individual logo film and printing frame must be made for each silk screen print color. Therefore, price will increase in proportion to the number of colors in the logo.

However, the Dragon Boat uniform logo color will fade gradually as the garment will become washed out after repeated usage and washing. For oil-based screen print, it exhibits a layer of plastic-like coating on top of the fabric surface. This layer of coating has potential to have small cracks and color fading after repeated washing. Also, when the logo is printed and at the time the paint is still wet, it is possible that dust in the air may fall into the logo area and being trapped in the logo, thus result in some dusty & hairy effect on the logo.

Beside you can advice the artwork in ai format by Illustrator or .cdr format by Coreldraw. If you have text paragraph in your logo, please convert those characters into outline.