dragon boat paddling padded shorts
Dragon Boat Padded Shorts Fabric

Dragon Boat Padded Shorts Waterproof Microfiber Fabrics

Dragon Boat Paddling padded shorts Microfiber fabrics are generally lightweight, resilient or resist wrinkling, have a luxurious drape and body, retain shape, and resist pilling. Also, they are relatively strong and durable in relation to other fabrics of similar weight.

Because Dragon Boat padded shorts microfibers are so fine, many fibers can be packed together very tightly. The denseness results in other desirable properties. With many more fine fibers required to form a yarn, greater fiber surface area results making deeper, richer and brighter colors possible.

Also, since fine yarns can be packed tightly together, microfibers work well in garments requiring wind resistance and water repellency. Yet, the spaces between the yarns are porous enough to breathe and wick body moisture away from the body. When comparing two similar fabrics, one made from a conventional fiber and one from a microfiber, generally the microfiber fabric will be more breathable and more comfortable to wear. Microfibers seem to be less "clammy" in warm weather than conventional synthetics.

One caution related to synthetic microfibers is heat sensitivity. Because the fiber strands are so fine, heat penetrates more quickly than with thicker conventional fibers. As a result, microfibers are more heat sensitive and will scorch or glaze if too much heat is applied or if it is applied for too long a period. Generally, microfibers are wrinkle resistant, but if pressing is needed at home or by drycleaners, care should be taken to use lower temperatures.

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