dragon boat dri-fit apparel
Dragon Boat Dri-Fit apparel Fabric

Dragon Boat Dri-Fit Apparel Uniform Fabric

Dragon Boat Dri-Fit Apparel Vest fabric presents a "+" shape in cross-section, each section is constructed with four water-directing channels to quickly wick away sweat. A powerful capillary effect ensures rapid absorption of sweat and quick drying. Thanks to the "+" cross-sectional structure, the area of fiber in direct contact with the skin is relatively small, making the fabric dry and smooth to the touch. The yarn is high-twisted in such a way as to ensure a relatively large gap between the individual strands of yarn, so that it feels smoother than ordinary high-twisted yarn.
Functional fabric is commonly used in uniform apparel order nowadays. It is suitable for making t-shirt or polo shirt.

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